Carrying the Dreamer


The background for this work came from a period in my life when, as a child around the age of 10, I dreamed the aftermath of a mythical and transcendental occurrence. This experience can be described as being a traveler transitioning into magical environments.  Here I found compelling movement and places with a concentration of forces existing in activated silence.


Fluctuating between unfathomable peace and playfulness or grim darkness, misery and corruption, these drawings relate to the mystical world of my unconscious and embody imaginary Fairy-tales, Utopias and Dystopias.


I have used mono-chromaticity to achieve a timeless atmosphere with elements that appear veiled, secret and uncategorized.  Made on darkened silver foil, the nature of this realm embodies extracts from a distant level of other worldliness.

Shifting at Dawn, 2014   19” h x 24.5”    pen, ink, pencil, gouache on metal leaf on paper

Everything is Still, 2014 12” h x 12”w  ink  on metal leaf on paper

Walking into Focus, 2014, 12" h x 12" w  water based mediums on metal leaf on paper

Living Within The Story, 2013  12.25” h x 16.75” w  Ink and mixed media on metal leaf on paper 

And Rare Things To Be Thankful, 2013  12.25” h x 16.75” w  Ink, mixed media, metal leaf on paper 

Choice of Determination 2013   13” h x 19.75”w   ink and mixed media on metal leaf on paper 

Exposed Entirely and Leading Somewhere, 2013   25”h x 37”w   ink, mixed media, metal foil, paper 

Stain Signal on the Summit, 2013    25” h x 37” w   ink, mixed media, metal leaf on paper 

TransElsewhere, 2012   25” h x  35” w   ink, mixed media,  metal foil, paper