Swarthmore College

January-February 2020

A 3D, architectural, discarded material sculpture by Michelle Marcuse to the right of the image in Swarthmore College Gallery in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. This piece uses cardboard and is abstract.

photography Max Gruber

Contemporary Abstract Art Portfolio

Soft Machine Gallery

September 2019

Heading 6
A wall-mounted sculpture from recycled objects by Michelle Marcuse that is architectural in Soft Machine Gallery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This abstract architectural artwork uses wood, cardboard, and metal.

Intuitive Art Space 

April 17 - June 17, 2019

This installation is ceiling-height, and is a geometric abstract installation at Intuitive Art Space in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Michelle Marcuse. This artwork uses reclaimed materials and represents buildings, streets, and shantytowns other childhood memories in Capetown, SA.


February 2019

These sculptures by Michelle Marcuse use reclaimed and discarded materials including cardboard, metal, and stone to mimic architectural structures of South Africa. There are five contemporary pieces hanging on gallery walls at GrizzlyGrizzly in Philadelphia, PA called Holding Absence.

Fleisher Art Memorial

Challenge Exhibition 2016

Michelle Marcuse is the recipient of the Fleisher Art Memorial's Wind Piece. This large abstract sculpture is six feet tall, made of found materials including cardboard and explores the memories of growing up in South Africa. It is a large installation and is called Signs of Compromise, 2016. Displayed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.