3 Diagram of disorder_MichelleMarcuse.jp
Heading 6
Diagram of Disorder, 2021  20”h x 26”w  pencils on yupo
Diagram of disorder_detail MichelleMarcu
Diagram of Disorder, 2021  detail
6 lines forming clarity and shape.jpg
Lines, clarity, shape , 2021  20”h x 26”w  pencils on yupo 
2_MMarcuse_Revealed in new light 2020 20
Revealed in new light 2020 20"h x 26" w   pencil on yupo
1_MMarcuse_Interspersed with references
Interspersed with references and maps 2020 26' h x 20'w  pencil on yupo
The situation resolved 2021   26" h x 20" w pencil on yupo